MuddRuckers vs Slab Jack Kings

When it comes to addressing concrete problems such as sinking slabs or uneven surfaces, finding the right slab jacking company is crucial. In this article, we will compare two Manitoba  companies, MuddRuckers and Slab Jack Kings, both offering slab jacking services in the Manitoba area. We’ll delve into their history, services offered, warranties, and more, to help you make an informed decision.

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What is Slab Jacking?

When comparing foam jacking to mud jacking, it’s important to understand the differences in technique, materials, and outcomes.

Mud jacking, also known as slab jacking or concrete levelling, involves injecting a mixture of limestone, additives, and water (known as slurry) beneath a sunken concrete slab. As the slurry fills voids and lifts the slab, it restores stability and levels the surface. Mud jacking is typically the only option for heavier slabs and offers a durable solution that has been trusted for decades. It offers quick curing times, minimal disruption and very precise lifting capabilities.

On the other hand, foam jacking utilizes expanding polyurethane foam injected beneath the concrete slab. The foam expands to fill voids and lift the slab. Foam jacking is ideal for lighter slabs and also offers quick curing times, minimal disruption, and precise lifting capabilities. Due to the smaller machines, it can get into tighter areas and areas with more difficult access points.

When deciding between foam jacking and mud jacking, several factors come into play. Foam jacking may be preferred for its lightweight nature in sensitive areas and product availability in some areas. However, mud jacking may be more suitable for economic reasons, heavier slabs and situations where long-term durability is a priority.

Both techniques offer effective solutions for addressing concrete settling issues, and consulting with a qualified slab jacking contractor can help determine the best approach for your specific needs. Read here for more on foam vs mud jacking.


MuddRuckers has been a trusted name in the slab jacking industry for over 30 years – some people refer to the process of lifting cement as “mudrucking”. Founded and locally owned in Winnipeg, Manitoba, MuddRuckers initially specialized in mud jacking but expanded its services to include foam jacking over the last decade. This demonstrates their commitment to innovation and adapting to new technologies in the industry.


MuddRuckers offers both mud jacking and foam jacking services, providing customers with a range of options to address their concrete lifting needs. Whether it’s traditional mud jacking or foam jacking for lighter applications, MuddRuckers has the expertise and equipment to handle it all. They believe that the more tools you have in your toolbox, the better solution you can offer customers. Manitoba is lucky enough to have a local, reliable source of limestone that isn’t available in all areas of the country.


One standout feature of MuddRuckers is their warranty policy. Unlike many competitors who offer warranties solely on the material used, MuddRuckers provides a comprehensive 3-year warranty on the lift itself. This demonstrates their confidence in the quality of their workmanship and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Slab Jack Kings

Operating out of Niverville, Manitoba, Slab Jack Kings, legally known as PWSF Inc., has been in the slab jacking business for approximately 10 years. Unlike MuddRuckers, Slab Jack Kings specializes solely in foam jacking services and also offers spray foam solutions.


Slab Jack Kings focuses exclusively on foam jacking, utilizing foam injection technology to lift and level concrete slabs. Additionally, they offer spray foam services, providing insulation solutions for residential and commercial properties.


While Slab Jack Kings provides a 10-year warranty, it’s important to note that this warranty is non-transferable and limited in scope. This may be a consideration for customers who prioritize longevity and flexibility in their warranty coverage. For details on the limitations, we suggest reaching out to the company.

Comparative Analysis – MuddRuckers vs Slab Jack Kings

When comparing MuddRuckers and Slab Jack Kings, several factors come into play:

  1. Experience: While neither company is new, MuddRuckers boasts over three decades of experience in the slab jacking industry, and Slab Jack Kings has been in business for approximately 10 years.

  2. Range of Services vs Specialization: MuddRuckers offers both mud jacking and foam jacking services, providing customers with more options to suit their specific needs. On the other hand, Slab Jack Kings specializes exclusively in foam jacking and does more foam jacking jobs.

  3. Warranty: MuddRuckers’ comprehensive 3-year warranty on the lift itself provides customers with added peace of mind, ensuring quality workmanship. Slab Jack Kings’ 10-year warranty, while longer in duration, is non-transferable and limited in coverage.

  4. Innovation: MuddRuckers’ adoption of foam jacking technology demonstrates their commitment to innovation and staying abreast of advancements in the industry. Slab Jack Kings, while offering foam jacking services, may benefit from diversifying their service offerings to include mud jacking as well.


In conclusion, MuddRuckers and Slab Jack Kings are two reputable slab jacking companies operating in the Manitoba area, each with its own unique offerings and areas of expertise. By carefully considering factors such as warranty coverage, service offerings, and customer service, you can make an informed decision and choose the best company to address your concrete lifting needs. Remember to weigh all factors carefully and don’t hesitate to reach out to both companies for more information or to schedule a consultation. Your concrete deserves the best – choose wisely and ensure a solid foundation for your property.

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