Our Process

The Mud-Jacking Process

MuddRuckers employs a natural and enduring crushed limestone slurry to restore your sunken concrete to its original level. The method, traditionally known as mud-jacking, originated in the 1930s when common mud was used as the lifting agent. However, MuddRuckers exclusively uses limestone slurry, which surpasses traditional methods and newer expanding foam options often advertised as alternatives. This refined approach offers numerous advantages in effectively lifting and supporting concrete, showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation.

How It Works

MuddRuckers employs a specialized process using a natural limestone slurry to expertly restore sunken concrete. This entails pumping the limestone slurry through small 1.375-inch diameter holes strategically drilled in the concrete sections requiring restoration. The unique advantage lies in the slurry’s soft consistency during the process, allowing for precise detection and filling of voids beneath the slab. The slab is then gently raised in incremental amounts through controlled injections, ensuring a meticulous restoration to the required level.

This meticulous process guarantees complete coverage beneath the slab, as the supporting limestone base dries, hardens, and solidifies as a permanent support for the concrete above. Once the lift is successfully completed, the holes are professionally patched with concrete.

Operating at low pressure with meticulous control, the limestone injections enable hydraulic lifts, ensuring accurate elevation for any concrete slab. This accuracy holds true even for slabs supporting heavy structures such as detached garages or slab-on-grade homes, opening doors to various commercial applications alongside its evident residential use.

Our Warranty

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to a comprehensive warranty. MuddRuckers stands behind our work, offering assurance and peace of mind for three full years against any future settlement issues. This warranty underscores our confidence in the durability and effectiveness of our concrete restoration process

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