Welcome to the story behind our distinctive name – MuddRuckers. We’re not Mud Ruckers, Mudd Ruckers, or any other variation; we’re MuddRuckers. The name captures the essence of what we do and the transformative impact we bring to concrete surfaces. We’re proud of our name, proud of our history and take pride in our services.

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Unraveling the Name: MuddRuckers, Not Mud Ruckers
The “Mudd” in MuddRuckers: Crafting Excellence with Limestone Slurry
The cornerstone of our revolutionary concrete lifting process lies in the specialized limestone slurry – the “Mudd” in MuddRuckers. This is no ordinary mud; it’s a meticulously formulated mixture designed to serve as the beating heart of our operations. While traditional mud-jacking in the 1930s involved pumping common mud under concrete for lifting, MuddRuckers has evolved this practice by exclusively using a permanent, all-natural, crushed limestone slurry.This innovative approach brings several advantages over traditional methods and even newer alternatives like expanding foam. The limestone slurry, pumped through small holes drilled in the concrete, remains soft during the lifting process. This allows for the precise location and filling of voids under the slab before gently raising it in small, controlled increments. The result is a comprehensive coverage beneath the slab, providing a permanent support that dries, hardens, and remains in place.
The “Ruckers” Effect: Precision and Dedication to Concrete Restoration
Moving on to the “Ruckers” – it goes beyond mere lifting; it encapsulates the impactful action MuddRuckers brings to concrete surfaces. The process isn’t just about restoring; it’s about rucking it up with precision and unwavering dedication. Our name signifies the fusion of cutting-edge technology, three decades of expertise, and a genuine passion for delivering top-notch results.MuddRuckers has successfully completed numerous projects, including over three decades of dedicated experience in slab jacking. With a commitment to excellence, we’ve not only honed our expertise but also pioneered unique mud-jacking equipment, processes, and warranties that stand unparalleled in the industry. Our stellar reputation in the Manitoba marketplace for concrete lifting and levelling is a testament to our dedication to preserving and enhancing our standing.
Addressing the Common Question: MuddRuckers vs. FuddRuckers
A question that often arises is whether MuddRuckers is affiliated with FuddRuckers, the renowned restaurant chain. The unequivocal answer is “no.” Despite the similarity in names, MuddRuckers stands as a distinct entity dedicated solely to the art and science of concrete restoration.While FuddRuckers satisfies your burger cravings, MuddRuckers satisfies your need for expertise in concrete lifting and restoration. Two separate realms, two distinct purposes, united by a shared dedication to excellence within our respective domains.
30 Years of Expertise: A Commitment to Elevate Concrete Surfaces
The journey of MuddRuckers spans over three decades, showcasing a commitment to excellence in concrete restoration. Our name signifies not just a process but a promise of quality. MuddRuckers leverages this extensive experience to uplift and rejuvenate concrete surfaces, one project at a time.Manitoba has it’s own list of terms not used elsewhere, like socials. The term mudrucking, or muddrucking, has been used to describe the mud-jacking process in Manitoba because we pioneered the process. We’ve become the Kleenex of mud-jacking here in Manitoba!
Ready to Lift? Call Mudd Ruckers MuddRuckers
Embrace the expertise of MuddRuckers – your trusted concrete restoration specialists. Don’t settle for imitations; choose the original. Experience the difference with MuddRuckers – elevating concrete to new heights. Prepared to rejuvenate your surfaces? Contact us today for precision and durability you can trust!