Underground parkades are essential assets for modern urban living, offering convenience and security for vehicle owners. However, over time, these sturdy structures can develop uneven surfaces due to settling and shifting soils. Uneven parkades not only pose safety hazards and drainage issues but also impact the overall aesthetics and functionality of the space. Lifting parkades isn’t always an option, but sometimes it is. In this blog post, we’ll explore how the innovative technique of mud-jacking can effectively address uneven underground parkades, restoring them to their original level and ensuring a safer, more appealing environment for residents and visitors.

Revive and Relevel: Transforming Uneven Underground Parkades with Mud-jacking

The Challenge of Uneven Underground Parkades

Uneven surfaces in underground parkades can lead to a range of short-term and long-term issues:

  1. Safety Concerns: Sunken areas and uneven flooring can create trip hazards for pedestrians and pose risks to vehicles.
  2. Water Drainage Issues: Low points in the surface can result in poor water drainage, leading to puddles and potential water damage.
  3. Vehicle Damage: Uneven surfaces can cause vehicles to scrape against the ground, resulting in damage to the undercarriage.
  4. Aesthetics: An uneven parkade detracts from the overall appearance of the property, impacting residents’ and visitors’ experience.
Enter Mud-jacking: An Innovative Solution for Lifting Parkades

Mud-jacking, also known as slab-jacking or concrete levelling, is a specialized technique that offers a powerful solution to the challenges posed by uneven underground parkades.

  1. Assessment: Expert technicians from MuddRuckers assess the extent of settling and identify areas that require attention.
  2. Drilling and Slurry Injection: Small holes are strategically drilled in the sunken areas. A specially formulated limestone slurry mixture is then injected through these holes.
  3. Lifting and Stabilization: As the slurry fills voids and gaps beneath the surface, it exerts controlled pressure, lifting the area to its original level. The surrounding soil is compacted, providing stability and preventing future settling.
  4. Sealing and Aesthetics: Once the lifting is complete, the injection holes are sealed, leaving minimal evidence of the process. The result is a level and aesthetically pleasing parkade surface.
Benefits of Mud-jacking for Underground Parkades

Mud-jacking offers a host of advantages when applied to uneven underground parkades:

  1. Safety Enhancement: Eliminating uneven surfaces reduces the risk of accidents and ensures a safer environment for both pedestrians and vehicles.
  2. Cost-Efficiency: Mud-jacking is a cost-effective alternative to extensive concrete replacement, saving both time and money.
  3. Minimal Disruption: The non-intrusive nature of mud-jacking allows for quick restoration without major disruptions to residents and visitors.
  4. Long-Term Solution: By addressing the underlying issues causing settling, mud-jacking provides a lasting solution, preventing future unevenness.
Limitations of Mud-Jacking in Underground Parkades

While mud-jacking effectively lifts sunken concrete, it has limitations in underground parkades. This method is most practical for bottom-level slabs, as accessing upper levels poses logistical challenges. Mud-jacking involves injecting a slurry mixture beneath sunken concrete, making it less viable for higher areas due to distribution challenges.

In confined spaces, like underground parkades, applying mud-jacking on upper levels becomes impractical. For settling on the bottom level, mud-jacking remains effective. For upper levels, consider  localized repairs. Consult concrete lifting experts for a tailored solution based on specific conditions.

MuddRuckers: Your Partner in Underground Parkade Transformation

With over 30 years of experience, MuddRuckers is the trusted name in mud-jacking services across Manitoba. Our skilled professionals bring precision, expertise, and dedication to every project, ensuring your underground parkade is lifted to new levels of safety, functionality, and aesthetics.


Transforming uneven underground parkades is now a seamless process with the application of mud-jacking. This innovative solution not only restores these spaces to their original level but also ensures enhanced safety, improved aesthetics, and significant cost savings. However, it’s crucial to note the limitations of mud-jacking, particularly in confined spaces like upper levels of parkades. For settling issues on the bottom level, mud-jacking remains highly effective. To explore tailored solutions and alternatives for upper levels, including foam jacking or localized repairs, contact MuddRuckers. Elevate your underground parkade with confidence and excellence – reach out to us today.